Product Training

Part 107

Our part 107 test prep course is not only designed to help you pass the FAA written exam, but more importantly to become safe and knowledgable UAV pilots. We do this by sharing experiences and knowledge learned from our years as manned aircraft pilots. Our classes can be held either during regular business hours or in the evening to best accommodate your schedule. We have a comfortable conference room equipped with audiovisual equipment in our hangar at the Lincoln Park airport. We can even come to you.

Pilot Training

Whether for first responders, infrastructure inspectors, surveyors or engineers, we can teach you how to become proficient UAV pilots.Through our hands on training both in the classroom and in our designated practice area we will carefully explain the operation and functionality of your particular drone system. We will teach you the proper workflow for applying your flying tool to your specific profession. ‘

Please call Anthony Nicodemo for more information at 917-767-0559.