An FAA Approved UAV Solution Provider

A 25+ year aviation background

Next Generation Aviation Services LLC was founded in 2005 by Frank Galella, owner of one of the most successful general aviation businesses on the East Coast. Frank started Lincoln Park Aviation (LPA) in 1989, providing sales, service, insurance and flight training to the greater Tri-State area.

Frank has leveraged that experience to the rapidly emerging UAV industry. The customer benefits are compelling.

Successful in real world aviation

Next Generation Aviation leverages LPA’s real-world aircraft operation experience, starting first with FAA compliance in all facets of UAV operation. This is not inconsequential, as UAV regulations are evolving rapidly. Next Generation Aviation maintains direct contact with the FAA and monitors all regulatory announcements on a daily basis.

Next Generation Aviation also brings LPA’s 20+ years experience as an FAA Certified Repair Station to keep our Next Generation Aviation UAV customers flying.

It is LPA’s extensive aviation experience that makes Next Generation Aviation different from almost all other commercial UAV suppliers. Having decades of practical experience with general aviation aircraft pays valuable dividends for Next Generation Aviation UAV clients.

FAA approved for nationwide commercial UAV operations

Next Generation Aviation was one of the first to be FAA approved for a wide range of commercial UAV operations. (Click here to see the announcement.) This means we can legally fly your mission. It also means can help other aviation professionals to navigate the regulatory steps to obtain FAA approval. Next Generation Aviation provides nationwide commercial UAV sales, service, insurance and flight training, which is another benefit from the LPA connection. While Next Generation Aviation is based in New Jersey, the constant access to a wide range of general aviation aircraft through LPA means Next Generation Aviation is a direct flight to anywhere in the country.