Supporting a wide range of commercial UAV missions

Next Generation Aviation supports commercial UAV operations in a wide range of potential missions and applications.


Agriculture, Forestry & Ocean Management
     Crop monitoring and management
     Crop dusting
     Forestry and land management surveys
     Fishery protection
Disaster Recovery Management
     Damage assessment
     Recovery management
Ground Site Monitoring & Surveying
     Civil engineering and geophysical surveys
     Ports and shipping management
     Energy and mineral exploration surveys
     Oil and gas pipeline patrol
     Waste management site monitoring
     Air quality management
Visual Communication
     Aerial photography
     Movie production
     Real estate survey
     Real estate photography
     Telecommunication relays
     Video signal relays
Fire, Search & Rescue
     Quick response searching
     Rescue aid deployment
     Rescue coordination and management support
      Fire scene management
Law Enforcement & Security
     Site surveillance
     Crime scene management support
     Traffic monitoring