There is a reason the phrase “birds-eye view” commonly refers the most desirable aerial perspective. Take one look at a NGA-produced aerial video of a real estate property and you will understand how uniquely powerful this presentation can be. There is truly no comparison with any other filming method. No combination of professional cinematographers and their equipment, including a helicopter can match what a UAV can accomplish with just a pilot and single camera person.

This is not hype. A UAV can travel down a walkway at a human’s eye level and in an instant, soar vertically to give spectacular views. Plus an NGA aerial tour video is professionally edited to the highest production quality. Not only will UAV photography sell more homes, we think you’ll find that the new owners will be asking for a copy of NGA’s aerial show of their new home. These videos are keepers. That’s why you will want NGA to help you sell your finest properties.

The Stone Mansion – Alpine. NJ from marc mendoza on Vimeo.