UAVs will revolutionize law enforcement procedures, well beyond replacing many helicopter missions. Simply put, UAVs can accomplish more missions faster, easier and for way less money than any other combination of ground and air units.

For instance, how about reports of prowlers on a roof? That might require both police and fire units to respond, or ground and a helicopter. But with a single officer supported by a UAV can do the same thing for a fraction of the time and cost. Or how about multiple UAVs searching within a perimeter secured area? As capable as they are, a single helicopter can’t be in multiple places at the same time. Synchronous operation of UAVs with a combination of heat and visual sensors can lead to a higher suspect capture rate than a single helicopter in this scenario.

These are just two examples of hundreds of missions that UAVs are superior to helicopter or aircraft air support. Contact NGA today for a flight demonstration.

Sparta Township roof check from marc mendoza on Vimeo.

About the Video

“On Sunday we were dispatched to inspect a school roof top after a complaint of kids trespassing and playing on the roof. The Sparta Township Police Department said they have to call out the Fire Department for every such complaint, which is a costly ordeal and takes a lot of time. In this case, we were airborne in minutes to inspect the roof top and had the job done in 10 minutes. And the risk of the firemen getting hurt climbing up on the roof was completely eliminated.” – Frank Galella pilot-in-command, DJI 1000+ UAV